Entrepreneurial Freedom – Second Edition – The definitive “how to” for anyone looking to start or grow a small or home-based business; from deciding whether or not you have what it takes, to building a

successful and ethical business.  In this book you’ll learn how to:

  • Use business plans; contracts; and record keeping
  • Develop your Brand
  • Network
  • Handle difficult clients
  • Collect from non-paying clients

  • Develop a ‘professional’ YOU
  • Create a marketing plan
  • Use social media to expand and grow
  • Grow your business with employees or independent contractors
  • Shorten your learning curve by reading the real-life experiences of 24-established, professional entrepreneurs
  • And much, much more!

You’ll also see contract and form samples, a resource directory for each chapter and valuable information from other successful business owners that will encourage you to take the next step in your entrepreneurial adventure. 


“Entrepreneurial Freedom is a great ‘VA 101 course and reference for anyone serious about succeeding in the Virtual Assistance industry.”
Michael J. Russer, President RUSSER Communications
The “Father of Virtual Outsourcing” for the real estate industry


My search for THE industry handbook is over. Entrepreneurial Freedom is an articulate, comprehensive and invaluable resource for all virtual service providers realistically defining every facet of establishing, growing and maintaining a remote business support service. It soared to the top of the required reading list for our students.
Gretchen Berg, owner, Berg Business Solutions, Inc. and founder, Virtual Business Training 


As a veteran of the Virtual Assistance (VA) industry, I can absolutely say that this is THE book for VAs. I’ve read most of them and while they touch on many important things, the authors have managed to really capture all of the things you need to know – it doesn’t matter if you are brand-spanking new or looking for a “boost” to get you moving again. If you only read one business book this year, THIS should be the book you read — and have a highlighter handy!
Candy Beauchamp, OffAssist